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Episode 9: Pray for Archer

Blink of an Eye Episode 9: Pray for Archer

No one called to tell her. Returning to the hospital from the first time she’d left Archer’s side, a pitstop at home for a few hours’ sleep and a shower, Louise was shocked and enraged at the situation she walked into. Tubes like garden hoses now protruded from Archer’s chest. Within a matter of hours, her son had undergone two emergency surgeries, and no one had called her. 


Feeling anger and bitterness surge through her like venom, Louise reminded herself to look for small mercies and sweet moments. One of her sons sat reading to his brother, who lay motionless next to him. Texts from friends. The power of a specific intention. The warmth of being called by name by someone who loves us. 


Even in chaos, even when your child looks like he is on a barbecue spit, grace and beauty surround us. 


Please join Louise for this Episode of Blink of an Eye.


In this episode, you will hear from

Nan Waller Burnett, Louise’s mediator friend from Denver

Mike Determan, Archer’s friend since grade school days

Kathie Okun, Louise’s friend from Women President’s Organization

Cathy Giannascoli, Mom of Danny Giannascoli, Louise’s friend, and the Senft’s summer neighbor in Cape May  

And many texters.

Episode 8: Archer’s Tree Weeps Too: She Knows

Blink of an Eye Episode 8: Archer's Tree Weeps, She Knows

Sweet but painful visuals as Louise looked around the house where a lacrosse stick, a razor, even a tree reminded her of the past, how it was, and the now. This tree that Archer grew up with “Archer’s tree” as they called her was the only tree in the area with leaves falling. It was as if she knew what had happened to Archer. As Louise surveyed the house, and the yard, she was bombarded by not only those details, but of everyday skills and tasks that we take for granted. Do you believe your emotions are the pathway healing? Louise does and invites us to love deeply. She also makes promises to God, the Divine, that she, Louise, will experience daily life as precious. 


Please join Louise for this Episode of Blink of an Eye.


In this episode, you will hear from

Parker Mitchell, Archer’s good friend from Baltimore lacrosse and high school who was visiting the Senfts 

Danny Giannascoli, Archer’s good friend and Cape May neighbor whom he's grown up with

James Schmucker, Archer’s good friend in Cape May

Patty Schmucker, Mom of James and Jacqui Schmucker who worked with Archer at the Beach Club

Episode 7: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Blink of an Eye Episode 7: The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

Louise begged to know, “Will he get his hands back? He needs his hands because he’s an artist and a cook!” Truth is devastating and tough to swallow. The response was no different, “Not likely.” Sometimes people hold information that we are owed. They try to protect us by tucking it away until “the right time” or a better time to share it with us. They also withhold hope when the answer isn’t truly concrete and based in fact. There is not a good time to hear bad news. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the truth and combine it from several sources, weigh it against what you want to believe and hope for, and what is factual. But it can be delivered with gentility, compassion, and love.

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Episode 6: The Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda’s

Episode 6: The Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda’s

August 6. DAY 2.


I could’ve insisted he do something else. I should’ve taken the time to see him again.


We could have prevented this.




When our children experience trauma, we as parents are haunted, ripped apart, kept awake, and often paralyzed by notions of all we could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done. In this episode, Louise recalls Bill’s and her own such thoughts, which threatened to tear apart their marriage, and more importantly, their journey of releasing these damaging patterns of thinking, struggling to stand on solid ground in a chaotic unfamiliar Intensive Care Unit.

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Episode 5: Prayer Warriors Unite!

Prayer Warriors Unite!

“We are all called to be One.”


August 6. DAY 2. What can you do in the face of another’s tragedy? It’s the day after Archer’s accident, and Louise’s phone notifications are beeping and pinging with a life of their own. After contacting only a few close friends, the Senft family finds itself cradled in love and flooded with support as people they know, and countless people they don’t, people of all faiths and people without any faith-affiliation, storm Heaven with prayer and uplift the family in their loving thoughts. But Louise still has questions answered wonderings while Archer remains under the lingering effects of anesthesia.

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Episode 4: The Family Meeting

Blink of an Eye - Ep 4 - Family Meeting

Episode 4: The Family Meeting


DAY 2. August 6.

“Pray hard…”

It’s an uncomfortable room. The chairs are heavy, the air is still, and all eyes are on Dr. Kris Radcliff. This was a family meeting no one would ever forget.

Ever the mediator, Louise knew that a Family Meeting with Archer’s surgeon was her family’s chance to be together to ask questions. Like most of their other Family Meetings, it was an opportunity to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. But this time was different.

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Episode 3: Tunnel Vision

Blink of an Eye Episode 3 Pray Hard

Tunnel Vision can happen when we are in trauma. As part of a survival instinct, our brain locks us into tunnel vision to stay focused on what is most essential at that moment. We have blinders on to all around us, including those who are trying to help. It's nothing personal, we are in love survival mode. But, even in Tunnel Vision, we can be aware enough to see the angels put in our path. In this episode of Blink of an Eye, Louise visits with several people who have first-hand experience with Tunnel Vision. She also talks about what if’s for hospitals.

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Episode 2: He Talked with God

Blink of an Eye Ep 2: He Talked with God

In the chaotic moments and hours immediately following Archer’s spinal cord injury, a series of “standard operating procedures” leads to more questions than answers. Scrambling for real answers, Louise realizes among scattered startling questions, the possibility of harm caused by hospitals’ policies set up for routine and risk management rather than healing. “My preference is to live” are words that will strike you deeply as she perseveres to experience the power of connecting cheek to cheek.

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Episode 1: The Call

blink of an eye episode 1 - the call

The Call. On a hot summer day in 2015, a prominent professional and mother of 5 receives the phone call that will change the rest of her — and her family’s — life. One of her children, her son Archer, while at the beach, dove into the Atlantic Ocean for a quick, cooling swim as he’s done hundreds of times before. But this time, something went terribly wrong. Join Louise for the powerful pilot episode of this extraordinary journey of life and death, trauma and epiphany, featuring the impact of trauma on her and others and interviews with people at the scene on both sides of a rapidly unfolding timeline of life-and-death decision-making. A remarkable story of loss, advocacy, and resilience begins.

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The Story Behind Blink of an Eye - an Overview


Welcome to Blink of an Eye. I'm Louise Phipps Senft, your host. Together, we will explore life stories of trauma, loss, awakenings, and epiphanies, beginning with my own story when I got the Call that one of my 5 children, Archer, then a 6’2” teenager, was in a catastrophic diving accident at the beach, shattering his neck, rendering him paralyzed from the neck down. You will hear my written in real-time journal entries sent to my family that were later posted on social media and read daily by over 50,000 people who joined me and us in the fight to save Archer’s life. In Blink of an Eye, I will introduce you to some of the extraordinary people behind the scenes through guest interviews woven throughout the journal entry recordings.  And you will meet others with extraordinary life stories, as well as wise men and women with life-changing knowledge for healing that you and I can learn from, consider, and grow into, especially if you happen to face a crisis, a trauma, or a deep loss. 


Together, we will explore the true nature of our relationships and interconnectedness and how to advocate for what is possible even in the face of traumatic events that change everything.

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