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Season 2: Episode 23: Radical Acceptance


Archer’s future was in limbo — as everyone waited to see if his body would respond to a last ditch medical attempt to seal a hole in his lungs and if the Shepherd Center would officially accept him or not — but for Bill and Louise, that was not the only thing in limbo. The highly anticipated launch party on September 1 to celebrate the publication of their first book, Being Relational: The Seven Ways to Quality Interaction & Lasting Change, was being scuttled. Up until Archer’s injury, they had been coordinating with their publisher, publicists and others, but when they found themselves in the ICU with Archer, many plans and dreams changed as the couple’s focus shifted to their son. In Season 2: Episode 23: Radical Acceptance, Louise shares how radical acceptance is more than just accepting life as is, it’s knowing there is something grander than what can be seen. 

In this episode, you will hear excerpts from interviews with:

Bill Senft, Louise’s husband and co-author. Bill and Louise open a tender conversation they had not had before about Bill’s experience bedside Archer, and his wonderings about why and his deep sadness about the loss of his dreams for a book he and Louise spent years writing.  You will hear their ideas of what radical acceptance means to them. 

Christine Belleris, chief editor, HCI Publishers in Boca Raton, FL, publishers of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Bill and Louise’s book, Being Relational: the Seven Ways to Quality Interaction & Lasting Change. She and Louise talk about the book publishing process, their working together, and the challenge of releasing a book during a time of crisis.

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This episode is sponsored by I C THAT — The Integrative Center for Trauma Healing, Advocacy and Transformation. I C THAT is a nonprofit that seeks to change the response to the trauma experience.  I C THAT provides A Multidisciplinary Family Support and Advocacy Team for Spinal Cord Injury families in the first 30 days of crisis, a National Registry of Unexpected SCI Recoveries, a national conference The Science of Trauma: Hope for Trauma Healing, and trauma healing education for families and medical staff. To donate and find out more about their annual conference, please visit

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