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Bonus Episode: Sea of a Million Lights…Montage


Angels have their ways of working silently and quietly to make wonderful things happen. As Archer was declining at AtlanticCare, members of the Senft family’s Baltimore community were busy in the background organizing a prayer vigil. There were candles to be gathered and lit, a singer to be found and a venue to be organized and secured. In this episode, we hear from organizers and attendees about the powerful event hosted at Friends School Baltimore in the aftermath of Archer’s injury. Hear about what it took to organize the vigil amidst Louise’s updates, and how healing it was from the inside out, for those involved. 

Voices in this episode include:

Jackson Morrill

Kerry Leikus

Cathy Lobo

Paula Senft Easton

Ned Insley 

Lisa Melancon

Our theme music is Victoria Vox. The news clip  from the prayer vigil is courtesy of WBAL in Baltimore. Music in this episode is:

A Prayer For My Soul by MusicLFiles



Lonely Fish by Sascha Ende®



Cinematic Angelical Upeat Ambient by MusicLFiles



Angel Share by Kevin MacLeod



This episode is sponsored by I C THAT — The Integrative Center for Trauma Healing, Advocacy and Transformation, the leading non-profit seeking to change the way we respond to trauma to include trauma healing approaches.  I C THAT provides A Multidisciplinary Family Support and Advocacy Team for Spinal Cord Injury families in the first 30 days of crisis, a National Registry of Unexpected SCI Recoveries, and a national conference The Science of Trauma: Hope for Trauma Healing. To donate and find out more about their annual conference, please visit

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