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Episode 7: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Blink of an Eye Episode 7: The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

Louise begged to know, “Will he get his hands back? He needs his hands because he’s an artist and a cook!” Truth is devastating and tough to swallow. The response was no different, “Not likely.” Sometimes people hold information that we are owed. They try to protect us by tucking it away until “the right time” or a better time to share it with us. They also withhold hope when the answer isn’t truly concrete and based in fact. There is not a good time to hear bad news. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the truth and combine it from several sources, weigh it against what you want to believe and hope for, and what is factual. But it can be delivered with gentility, compassion, and love.

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Episode 4: The Family Meeting

Blink of an Eye - Ep 4 - Family Meeting

Episode 4: The Family Meeting


DAY 2. August 6.

“Pray hard…”

It’s an uncomfortable room. The chairs are heavy, the air is still, and all eyes are on Dr. Kris Radcliff. This was a family meeting no one would ever forget.

Ever the mediator, Louise knew that a Family Meeting with Archer’s surgeon was her family’s chance to be together to ask questions. Like most of their other Family Meetings, it was an opportunity to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. But this time was different.

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Episode 3: Tunnel Vision

Blink of an Eye Episode 3 Pray Hard

Tunnel Vision can happen when we are in trauma. As part of a survival instinct, our brain locks us into tunnel vision to stay focused on what is most essential at that moment. We have blinders on to all around us, including those who are trying to help. It's nothing personal, we are in love survival mode. But, even in Tunnel Vision, we can be aware enough to see the angels put in our path. In this episode of Blink of an Eye, Louise visits with several people who have first-hand experience with Tunnel Vision. She also talks about what if’s for hospitals.

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