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Bonus: A Conversation with Bobbie, Robby, and Mike


In this bonus episode, you’ll hear the story of Archer’s first days in the ICU from the perspective of three of his friends. Robby Black and Bobbie Austin visited Archer on Day 3, along with a few other friends. Mike Determan, one of Archer’s childhood friends, also visited him in Atlantic City, and later in Atlanta. 

Each young man shares his story of how he found out about the accident, what it was like visiting Archer in the hospital, other experiences and milestones in the months that followed, and their reflections on how Archer’s accident has impacted their lives.

To hear more about that third day, when Robby and Bobbie visited Archer in the ICU, listen to episode 12, Some Things Stay The Same: 

Mike Determan first appeared on the podcast in episode 5, Prayer Warriors Unite!: 

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Episode 27: No Time for Tears

Blink of an Eye Podcast Episode 27: No Time for Tears

You will hear Insights from Archer’s highschool friends, young men, on what it was like for them to experience their paralyzed friend. Why do we hold back our tears? She explores this with them. Louise also explores why she is beginning to experience mixed emotions with the medical staff: all the medical information is conflicting. Which is it? She wants to know the truth?  She feels slammed from a raging sea from all sides.  Will she and Billy capsize? She is aware of compartmentalizing the truth she wants to hear, but she wants real medical information. It is not forthcoming. She wonders if she is becoming at odds with the medical staff. Listen in to how she keeps Archer’s spirits up as she also shares more epiphanies she had this day, and is reminded to be alert.

Join Louise for this episode of Blink of an Eye: Episode 27: No Time for Tears August 9. DAY 5.  

Listen in afterwards to what we can learn together about trauma. Episode 27: No Time for Tears Trauma Healing Learnings

In this episode you will hear audio recording excerpts from August 2015, of a spontaneous audio car recording of Louise driving to the hospital, and another of Mike Detterman,  Archer’s friend since grade school days in Baltimore .

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Episode 19: You Didn’t Have To, But You Did

Blink of an Eye Episode 19: You didn't have to say it, but you did.

“You almost lost your son last night,” was what that trauma nurse was really saying. It was a kindness. She didn’t have to say it, but she did. Archer had been close to dying last night and that reality was slowly and forcefully sinking in for Louise. For the very first time that she had observed, another nurse engaged Archer in conversation. She wasn’t just saying what she was doing, she was talking with him, and he with her with his eyes. She didn’t have to do that, but she did. It was kind. She pieced together the fact that Archer was a cook - a GREAT cook at the Beach Club. The extra, deep connections were flooding in from all fronts - texts to the family, especially Louise, texts from Archer’s friends, texts from friends of all areas of life. Louise wondered, When do boys become men? People were stretching themselves to hold up the Senft family in all kinds of unexpected ways. The facts were stark. Archer was paralyzed. He had lost his arms and hands and legs in a way that was not going to repair anytime soon.  It was clear, there were no lollipops and butterflies. But what else was clear?


Join Louise for this episode of Blink of an Eye: Episode 19 You Didn’t Have To, But You Did August 7. DAY 3. 


In this Episode you will interview excerpts hear from


Sue Wunder, a special ed teacher for 30 years in the Cape May County Special Services School District, New Jersey. Sue is also the mother of Robbie Wunder, a quadriplegic.


Mike Determan, Archer’s friend since grade school days in Baltimore

And many texting friends

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Episode 9: Pray for Archer

Blink of an Eye Episode 9: Pray for Archer

No one called to tell her. Returning to the hospital from the first time she’d left Archer’s side, a pitstop at home for a few hours’ sleep and a shower, Louise was shocked and enraged at the situation she walked into. Tubes like garden hoses now protruded from Archer’s chest. Within a matter of hours, her son had undergone two emergency surgeries, and no one had called her. 


Feeling anger and bitterness surge through her like venom, Louise reminded herself to look for small mercies and sweet moments. One of her sons sat reading to his brother, who lay motionless next to him. Texts from friends. The power of a specific intention. The warmth of being called by name by someone who loves us. Even in chaos, even when your child looks like he is on a barbecue spit, grace and beauty surround us. 


Join Louise for this episode of Blink of an Eye: Episode 9 Pray for Archer. August 7. DAY 3. In this episode, you will hear interview excerpts from
Nan Waller Burnett, Louise’s mediator friend from Denver

Mike Determan, Archer’s friend since grade school days in Baltimore

Kathie Okun, Louise’s friend in Baltimore from Women President’s Organization

Cathy Giannascoli, Mom of Danny Giannascoli, Louise’s friend, and the Senft’s summer neighbor in Cape May  

And many texters.

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Episode 5: Prayer Warriors Unite!

Prayer Warriors Unite!

If you hear of another person’s tragic news and think there is really nothing you can do, please reconsider. There is something you can do. Louise asks for prayer, your prayer. See what happens when Louise texts a few friends that her family is in trouble and to pray hard.  “Stay strong” or “Keep the faith” are good concepts, but see what happens when the heart is stirred being called by name. Louise’s friend, Betty Hines shared, “Even those of different faith and different religions came together because this was about someone's child.”  Louise recalls a Dominican nun who taught at her high school answering her question about people of other faiths, or of no faith, telling her, “We are all called to be one”. 


Join Louise for this episode of Blink of an Eye: Episode 5 Prayer Warriors Unite. August 6. DAY 2. In this episode, you will hear interview excerpts from 

Cathy Giannascoli, a friend in Pennsylvania and the Senft family’s summer neighbor in Cape May

Mike Determan, Archer’s friend from grade school days in Baltimore, Maryland,

Loretto Kane, a friend in Seattle, Washington, and Hospitalier of the Order of Malta

Betty Hines, another friend in Baltimore who had been chapter chair of Louise’s Women Presidents Organization group

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