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Bonus: A Conversation with James, Danny, and Parker


In this bonus episode, you’ll hear the story of Archer’s accident from the perspective of three of his friends who were right there with him in Cape May: James Schmucker, Danny Giannascoli, and Parker Mitchell. James was the one to pull Archer out of the water, Danny was on the beach, and Parker was visiting from Baltimore that week. They reflect on the moments when they first realized something was wrong, the call to beach patrol, and the rescue efforts and aftermath on the beach and in Cape May.

James, Danny, and Parker share their memories of that day, including the moments when they first realized something was wrong and the rescue that followed, as well as their memories with Archer throughout high school, and their reflections on how Archer’s accident has impacted their lives.

To hear more about the day of the accident, listen to episode 1, “The Call”: 

Listen to the interview with Davis Barsby, another eyewitness to the accident and a friend of the family:  

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Music in this episode is from Blue Dot Sessions. Theme music is by Victoria Vox.

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Episode 8: Archer’s Tree Weeps Too: She Knows

Blink of an Eye Episode 8: Archer's Tree Weeps, She Knows

Sweet but painful visuals as Louise looked around the house where a lacrosse stick, a razor, even a tree reminded her of the past, how it was, and the now. This tree that Archer grew up with “Archer’s tree” as they called her was the only tree in the area with leaves falling. It was as if she knew what had happened to Archer. As Louise surveyed the house, and the yard, she was bombarded by not only those details, but of everyday skills and tasks that we take for granted. Do you believe your emotions are the pathway healing? Louise does and invites us to love deeply. She also makes promises to God, the Divine, that she, Louise, will experience daily life as precious. 


Join Louise for this episode of Blink of an Eye: Episode 8 Archer’s Tree Weeps Too: She Knows August 7. DAY 3. In this episode, you will hear interview excerpts from
Parker Mitchell, Archer’s good friend from Baltimore lacrosse and high school who was visiting the Senfts 

Danny Giannascoli, Archer’s good friend and Cape May neighbor whom he's grown up with

James Schmucker, Archer’s good friend in Cape May

Patty Schmucker, Mom of James and Jacqui Schmucker who both worked with Archer at the Beach Club

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