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Bonus: A Conversation with Bobbie, Robby, and Mike


In this bonus episode, you’ll hear the story of Archer’s first days in the ICU from the perspective of three of his friends. Robby Black and Bobbie Austin visited Archer on Day 3, along with a few other friends. Mike Determan, one of Archer’s childhood friends, also visited him in Atlantic City, and later in Atlanta. 

Each young man shares his story of how he found out about the accident, what it was like visiting Archer in the hospital, other experiences and milestones in the months that followed, and their reflections on how Archer’s accident has impacted their lives.

To hear more about that third day, when Robby and Bobbie visited Archer in the ICU, listen to episode 12, Some Things Stay The Same: 

Mike Determan first appeared on the podcast in episode 5, Prayer Warriors Unite!: 

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Episode 12: Some Things Stay the Same

Blink of an Eye Episode 12: Some Things Stay the Same

Preparing visitors for what to expect when visiting your loved one in a trauma unit is critical. It’s stunning how quickly we see the new normal of machines, tubes, and life support, but it can be shocking to first-time and especially younger visitors. They may think they’ll be in the way, and they may be frightened, but the recovery of Archer is dependent on familiar faces showing up and bringing some normalcy. Most of all, such visitors allow Archer, who is tragically altered, to still be seen as himself, despite the horror of what may have been the first recognition of the new reality. 


The traumatic event doesn’t just impact the patient; it impacts all those around especially the ones closest to the patient. And the emotional roller coaster can cause lasting damage to their bodies. The patient needs support in every way. So do the family caregivers. Listen in for ways we can take care of the insides of our bodies to be of greatest service to those we are protecting and caring for during and after the unfolding of a traumatic event, so we can continue to show up. 


Join Louise for this episode of Blink of an Eye: Episode 12 Some Things Stay the Same August 7. DAY 3. 

In this episode, you will hear interview excerpts from

Robby Black, a Baltimore McDonogh high school lacrosse friend of Archer and of Louise’s son, Dewey

Bobbie Austin, a Baltimore McDonogh high school lacrosse friend of Archer and of Louise’s son, Dewey


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