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Season 2: Episode 7: Don’t Settle For Less


Self-advocacy looks different for everyone. That’s what Louise Phipps Senft realized when her husband Billy asked for time alone with Archer at the hospital, and what she has continually been reminded of throughout her marriage. Some people need space and time as a result of trauma, and some people need immediate, warm connection. In Season 2: Episode 7: Don’t Settle For Less, Louise recounts her advocacy for a meeting with 3 of Archer’s doctors and Billy’s advocacy for his own needs, like time with his son and a solid plan to pick Dutch, their other son, up from camp. She also reflects on how past childhood trauma and generational trauma impacts a marriage, and she shares with us an approach she calls the The Positive Frame based in neuroscience findings that helped her navigate to help others see what was possible. 

In this episode, you will hear excerpts of interview conversations with:

Steve Lepler, director of West End House camp, where Dutch Senft, Louise’s youngest son, was spending the summer when Archer was injured. Steve and Louise speak about their decision to tell Dutch what happened and how his summer went while at camp.

Join Louise for Season 2 of Blink of an Eye: Episode 7: Don’t Settle for Less, August 18. Day 14. 

Listen in afterwards to this week’s companion Trauma Healing Learnings episode for new understandings on trauma and tools to navigate your own trauma healing: Trauma Healing Learning: Episode 7: Don’t Settle for Less.

Victoria Vox created the theme music. Other music in this episode is:

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Mourning Song by Kevin MacLeod




Emotional Piano Improvisation by Alexander Nakarada



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Episode 10: What to Say

Blink of an Eye Podcast - Episode 10 - What to Say

Sometimes the unexpected - like a Color War - is the natural solution to ease into and ensure that life goes on after the delivery of bad news. At least that’s how it was for Louise and her family when they needed to tell their youngest son, Dutch, who was away at camp, what had happened to his big brother two days ago.


How much is too much bad news to share with your children? We want to be honest, We want to protect them. We want to respect they are capable of understanding. We want to instill in them the ability to work out what is scary. It’s a very personal line depending on the age, maturity and relationship you have with each of your children. Same goes for breaking bad news to siblings, and even parents and friends.


Join Louise for this episode of Blink of an Eye: Episode 10 What to Say August 7. DAY 3. In this episode, you will hear interview excerpts from
Dutch Senft, Louise’s youngest son, who was 13 at the time of Archer’s accident. 

Steve Lepler, the Director of West End House Camp in Maine

Lisa Melancon, a friend of Louise’s and the mom of one of Dutch’s best friends in Baltimore

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