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Bonus Episode: Ripple Effects…Montage

March 30, 2022


Over the last two years of making Blink of an Eye, Louise has interviewed over 70 people and counting — many of them family members and friends both close and far. In this last bonus episode of our break between seasons, you will hear from a few of Louise’s family members and friends about how Archer’s accident ricocheted out into the family and community, impacting not only the groups but each individual member. In their own voices, they explain how Archer’s incident influenced everything from their career paths to the ways they think about life. Hear about the family ties that were strengthened and challenged in this week’s bonus episode. We hope this episode helps you normalize the impact we all have on the family systems that we are all part of, individually and collectively. We are all so interconnected.

In this episode, you’ll hear the voices of:

Will Phipps

Pete Senft

Paula Senft Easton

Dewey Senft

Jaqui Schmucker

Trena Mitchell

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