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Bonus: Interview with Davis Barsby

April 22, 2021


In this bonus episode, you’ll hear Louise’s full interview with Davis Barsby, a lifelong family friend who was with Archer when Archer had his accident. That summer, Davis was working as both head lifeguard and assistant manager at the Cape May Beach Club.

Davis takes us back to that sweltering August afternoon, recounting his interactions with Archer earlier in the day, the moment in the water when he realized something was wrong, and the rescue efforts that followed. Davis called Louise and broke the news to her, then raced to the hospital in Atlantic City to meet her there. In addition to describing what happened and who else was on the beach that day, Davis also reflects on faith, guilt, and the impact the accident has had on him.

To hear more about that first day, August 5, 2015, listen to episode 1, The Call

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