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Episode 23: The Body Knows the Score Part 2

January 13, 2021

Blink of an Eye Episode 23: The Body Keeps the Score Part 2

Has your heart leapt when you received a call, an email, a piece of mail, a visit from a specific person before you even knew the purpose of their communication? Do you ever tighten up with dread, fear, stress when certain people write to you as well? This is the body giving us wisdom and often protecting us, and Louise is reminded about somatic awareness. Louise continues her drive down the Garden State Parkway with James and has taken notice of those texting her that she drank in like a cool birdbath on a summer day, and others had her shoulders in her ears, holding her breath. Trauma can envelop us so deeply that we don’t even recognize where we are, when we’ve been there many times, just from a different path. Join Louise as she is reminded of the freeing beauty of silence and a long drive to let all guard down and allow emotion to take over and the body to allow its release, the start of trauma healing.

Join Louise for this episode of Blink of an Eye: Episode 23: The Body Knows the Score Part 2 August 9. DAY 5. 

In this Episode you will hear interview excerpts from

James Schmucker: Archer’s dear friend in Cape May who was a Beach life guard and saved his life rescuing him from the ocean, and is currently working at Cape May Winery and Vineyard as fieldworker.


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