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Episode 24: The ABC Board Trauma Healing Learnings

January 28, 2021

Blink of an Eye Ep 24 Trauma Healing Lesson

The story of Archer’s ABC board reminds us of resources within our grasp for communication such as simple tools of a notebook and pen, notes app on a phone, and a message board that you can make quickly and inexpensively. In this learning you’ll also hear why writing updates may aid you and others to live wholly again after a traumatic event and the difference in story-telling and retraumatization. You may find tips for yourself, or that you can share with a friend or family member going through a traumatic situation, tips that can aid in recovery from the trauma. Such tips can also be a bridge to relieve suffering and be the bridge for partnership between medical staff and families for patient well-being. 

If you haven’t listened already to the story behind this lesson, please listen in on Episode 24: The ABC Board.