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Episode 28: Tell Him Everything

February 23, 2021

Blink of an Eye Podcast Episode 28: Tell Him Everything

Do people remember their near-death experiences? Will telling someone in the hospital everything dash their hopes or empower them?  Put their mind at ease or create despair? What about when it’s your child? This is what Louise and Archer discussed as Archer continued to ask when he would be off the lung machines. Does he want to know everything?  Everything? What about parental boundaries? You’ll also hear the other side of the hospital experience from that of a trauma doctor who assured Louise no one will ever forget working with Archer and her family and how a patient’s trauma has lasting effects on medical staff - both positive and negative. 


Join Louise for this episode of Blink of an Eye: Episode 28: Tell Him Everything August 9 DAY 5 and how to be a witness for each other's truth as we walk together on the trauma integration journey.

Listen in afterwards to what we can learn together about trauma. Episode 28: Tell Him Everything Trauma Healing Learnings

In this episode, you will hear from 

Dr. Raymond Talucci, who was the Acting Chief of trauma at Atlanticare Hospital in Atlantic City, New Jersey the day Archer was medivaced to Atlanticare August 5, 2015, and for the duration of his stay at Atlanticare for 30 days.

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