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Episode 29: Mediation for the Mediator

March 2, 2021

Blink of an Eye Podcast Episode 29: Mediation for the Mediator

The volume, the tension, old wounds filled the dining room as Billy and Louise knew they were in trouble and needed to come to some resolution in order to get back to Archer as one unified heart. This is a messy episode. Louise’s trusted and professional friend, Rachel Wohl, was more than a fly on the wall while witnessing two people she cared about in the throws of trauma - she was brought in to help them actually hear each other. Her discomfort in unfamiliar territory also shows the strength of her deep love for the Senft family.

Join Louise for this episode of Blink of an Eye: Episode 29: Mediation for the Mediator  August 10, Day 6. 

Listen in afterwards to Episode 29: Mediation for the Mediator Trauma Healing Learning

In this Episode you will hear an interview excerpt from

Rachel Wohl. She is a dear friend of Louise’s. Rachel is a retired lawyer and 

the former Executive Director of the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office for the Maryland judiciary. She is also a mindfulness teacher and a volunteer mediator in international and social justice. 

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