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Trauma Healing Learning: Peripheral Friends

March 24, 2021


Frontline trauma workers may be more prone than others to compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, and substance abuse, but they aren’t the only ones who might find themselves numbing out. Drawing from her experience teaching conflict transformation to workers in crisis situations, as well as her own experience in the ICU, Louise explores what trauma-informed care might look like for the medical community, and gives reasons to believe that, even in times of trauma and tragedy, there is a way through without losing yourself in the process. Louise also explores why medical staff might rely so heavily on narcotics for pain management, and the deeper implications for trauma healing.

Please share this episode with anyone you know who may be dealing with trauma, past or present. Each week, you can listen to the latest chapter in Archer’s story, then tune in for the companion trauma healing learning episode. If you haven’t already listened to the story behind this lesson, you can find Episode 32: Peripheral Friends wherever you get your podcasts.

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