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Episode 34: Death Be Gone, Part 2

April 4, 2021


This is the final episode of season 1, and the conclusion of the “Death Be Gone” two-parter. Just like the night before, Louise wakes up to a crisis: an alarm blaring, a slew of medical staff running into the room, an urgency to bring Archer back from the brink. This time, though, it’s more serious, and everything is on the line. Louise takes listeners into the heaviness, the fear, and the evil in that ICU room, both during the moments of chaos and the moments of breathless waiting, sharing the text messages she wrote and the prayers she prayed while waiting for Archer to turn the corner. Now that she sees even more acutely how things can go wrong in hospitals, and the culture of silence that keeps families in the dark, Louise wrestles with two seemingly insurmountable tasks: How to get answers, and how to forgive.

In this episode, you will hear excerpts from Louise’s interview with Dr. Raymond Talucci, who was the Acting Chief of Trauma at AtlantiCare Hospital in Atlantic City, New Jersey, while Archer was a patient there. This is the episode where Dr. Talucci meets Louise and more visibly becomes a part of the story. 

Join Louise for this episode of Blink of an Eye: Episode 34: Death Be Gone, Part 2. August 13. Day 9. 

Listen in afterwards to the companion episode for tools to navigate your own traumatic experiences: Trauma Healing Learning: Death Be Gone, Part 2, where Louise takes a closer look at forgiveness, generational wounds, and the consequences of medical errors on trauma healing.

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