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Season 2: Episode 12: Mounting Pressure

September 15, 2021


When Louise and family convened with Archer’s medical team, one of Archer’s pulmonologists said something that threw everyone for a loop: he wouldn’t make it through pacemaker surgery in the state he was in. The reply from Dr. Talucci, another of Archer’s doctors? “We are stuck in between a rock and a hard place.” In Season 2: Episode 12: Mounting Pressure, Louise walks listeners through the meeting and the moments leading up to it. You’ll also hear about how friends continued to be a sustaining force for Louise among the pressure-cooker environment of the hospital and more about how to advocate in complicated medical situations. And you’ll hear two new look back interviews with members from Archer’s medical team at the time.

In this episode you will hear excerpts from Louise’s conversations with:

Dr. Edward Hamity, Head of Pulmonary at AtlantiCare and Chief of Critical Care during Archer’s time in the ICU. He and Louise reflect on the cascading and serious complications Archer faced while in the ICU.

Mary Jo Determan, friend of Louise and mom of Mike Determan, friend of Archer’s. She and Louise reflect on the grief that comes with great loss — even when someone has not passed away but is instead catastrophically injured.

Dr. Mohamed Hany Elnahal, Medical Director, AtlantiCare Physician Group and Head of Pulmonary during Archer’s time in the ICU. He met with Louise one-on-one and performed Archer’s pacemaker surgery. He and Louise reflect on the impact of their Family Meetings and how the medical system has changed to better serve patients in more patient advocacy oriented ways. 

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Listen in afterwards to this week’s companion Trauma Healing Learnings episode for new understandings on trauma and tools to navigate your own trauma healing: Trauma Healing Learning: Mounting Pressure.

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