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Season 2: Episode 16: Radical Forgiveness

October 13, 2021


As Archer’s temperature rose dangerously in his ICU room, Louise was rushing to get ice to pack around him. At the sink next to the ice machine, she ran into someone she didn’t expect to see: the nurse responsible for the medical error that contributed to a cascading sequence of what seemed to be irreversible events. Listen in on what transpired in Season 2: Episode 16: Radical Forgiveness, where Louise ponders this moment and the nuances of medical care for spinal cord injury in an ICU environment full of trauma and pressure.  We all mess up. Is forgiving part of healing? 

In this episode you will hear interview excerpts from:

Bernadette Mauro, the Director of Information and Resources at the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation, who called Louise with a warning to move her son out of AtlantiCare immediately. Louise and Bernadette reflect 5 years later on the nuances of caring for spinal cord injury patients and the medical errors that can happen due to lack of knowledge among staff about complications of SCI.

Dr. Ray Talucci, former Chief of Trauma at Atlanticare, and one of Archer’s main doctors during his time in the Trauma ICU. Louise and Dr. Talucci speak about the specific medical error that caused Archer’s blood pressure to spike and the nuances of medical errors and forgiveness in environments like the ICU.

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Listen in afterwards to this week’s companion Trauma Healing Learnings episode for new understandings on trauma and tools to navigate your own trauma healing: Trauma Healing Learning 16: Radical Forgiveness.

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