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Season 2: Episode 20: Southern Exposure

November 10, 2021

Copy_of_blink-1024x512-_27_67nvf.jpgThe hospital said Archer was deteriorating and was not transportable. Louise knew they were up against time. She believed in Archer and what was possible but was facing medical and institutional barriers.  What weighed heavily on their minds was how to get Archer out of AtlantiCare and where he would be going, potentially making a large decision that would uproot Archer from his family and friends, if he could be stabilized.  Join Louise in Season 2: Episode 20: Southern Exposure for an inside look at her decision making with Billy, a blind spot she discovered, and a God wink moment.

In this episode, you’ll hear interview excerpts from:

Tara Grimes, MOT, OTR/L, CCM, the MidAtlantic Access Case Manager at the Shepherd Center, in Atlanta, Georgia, who flew in to evaluate Archer for potential admission to their spinal cord injury adolescent program. She and Louise speak about the evaluation process, the importance of being educated about options, the delays from the lack of coordinated care, and why the Shepherd Center felt like the right fit — both medically and energetically — though Tara could not make a final determination without medical records and cooperation from the hospital. 

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