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Season 2: Episode 24: Respiratory Failure

December 8, 2021


T-shirts. Sweatshirts. Wristbands. Gifts and comfort items from friends delivered to Archer’s room in the ICU. A prayer vigil that looked like a sea of a million lights. These are the things that had built an energy field of support just when Louise needed it most as she was handed a letter stating Archer’s prognosis. In Season 2: Episode 24: Respiratory Failure, listen in as Louise imagines departing with Archer to the Shepherd Center unaware of unexpected new challenges, and a phone call that stopped her in her tracks. 

In this episode, you will hear excerpts from interviews with:

Mollie Franke, family friend and member of the Senft’s community in Baltimore, who visited in the ICU early days of Archer’s injury and gave him his favorite Orioles blanket. Mollie and Louise reflect on the moment Mollie heard the news of Archer’s injury and the power of prayer and action. They also reflect on some of the actions their community took in the wake of Archer’s accident, like collective prayer and the creation of the Archer Strong wristbands.

Jackson Morrill, a boyhood, soccer and lacrosse friend of Archer’s, who created t-shirts and sweatshirts using one of Archer’s drawings. He and Louise talk about the story behind the t-shirts and the community prayer vigil Jackson attended and his memory of a million lights.

Cathy Lobo, school nurse at the School of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore, who initially ordered the Archer Strong wristbands. Cathy and Louise talk about the ripple effect of the wristbands out into the community and the support that created back in the hospital.

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This episode is sponsored by I C THAT — The Integrative Center for Trauma Healing, Advocacy and Transformation, the leading non-profit seeking to change the response to the trauma holistically.  I C THAT provides A Multidisciplinary Family Support and Advocacy Team for Spinal Cord Injury families in the first 30 days of crisis, a National Registry of Unexpected SCI Recoveries, and a national conference The Science of Trauma: Hope for Trauma Healing. To donate and find out more about their annual conference, please visit

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