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Season 2: Episode 5: Get On The Record

July 21, 2021


50 hours after Archer’s cardiac arrest, Louise turned to journaling to make sense of the confusing medical world around her and her family. In Season 2: Episode 5: Get On The Record, you will hear how writing helped her parse out her inner thoughts and allowed her to chronicle an experience with Archer’s tree in their backyard when the doctors were indicating Archer’s imminent death. Join her as she also interviews Dr. Raymond Talucci, one of Archer’s doctors at the time, and the two reflect on the evolution of their relationship when trust was broken not so much because of medical error but because medical information was withheld, and the power that sharing information and quality interaction can have on trauma healing. 

In this episode, you will hear excerpts of interview conversations with:

Dr. Raymond Talucci, Acting Chief of Trauma at AtlantiCare Hospital in Atlantic City, New Jersey, while Archer was a patient there, who speaks about medical errors in trauma ICU.

Join Louise for Season 2 of Blink of an Eye: Episode 5: Get On The Record: August 16. Day 12. 

Listen in afterwards to this week’s companion Trauma Healing Learnings episode for new understandings on trauma and tools to navigate your own trauma healing: Trauma Healing Learning: Episode 5: Get on The Record.

Victoria Vox created the theme music. Other music in this episode is:

Emotional Piano Improvisation by Alexander Nakarada



Peppers Theme by Kevin MacLeod



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