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Season 2: Episode 9: I Don’t Want To Talk About It

August 18, 2021

Copy_of_blink-1024x512-_1_8b0jv.jpg“We are not out of the woods,” Louise thought to herself in the aftermath of another near cardiac arrest. Billy had gone to pick up their son Dutch, and when they came back and saw Archer, Louise continued to realize the ramifications of Archer’s accident on her youngest son. In this episode, Season 2: Episode 9: I Don't Want To Talk About It, Louise and Dutch reflect on a specific trauma response: shutting down, locking things out, avoiding. 

In this episode you will hear interview excerpts from:

Dutch Senft, Louise’s youngest son and Archer’s youngest brother, four years apart. He and his mom talk about the first time he saw Archer post accident when he was 13 years old.

Victoria Vox created the theme music.

Music in this episode is: 

Horizon Flare by Alexander Nakarada




Peppers Theme by Kevin MacLeod




Placid Ambient by MusicLFiles



Join Louise for Season 2 of Blink of an Eye: August 22. Day 18.

Listen in afterwards to this week’s companion Trauma Healing Learnings episode for new understandings on trauma and tools to navigate your own trauma healing: Trauma Healing Learning: I Don't Want To Talk About It, where Louise takes a closer look at healing from avoidance and blockage, with a special look at boys.

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