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Season 2: Let‘s Pause for a Moment

September 1, 2021

Copy_of_blink-1024x512-_6_9jba7.jpgSometimes when tragedy strikes someone else and it’s similar to your own trauma, it’s important to allow yourself some space. So, in this episode, Louise dedicates some time to honor a lifeguard who died in a boating accident in Cape May — where Archer was initially injured — on August 19. She takes a pause to do the real time Blink of an Eye trauma healing work with others in a community she loves, Cape May. She shares and reflects on staying aware of the first portal for trauma healing that opens and some trauma healing ways for all of us to respond to others in the first couple weeks post the traumatic event. We’ll pick up with our regular narrative next week with Episode 11.

Victoria Vox created the theme music.

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