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Trauma Healing Learning: Hot Cocoa

October 30, 2021


When Archer was too weak to consent due to collapsed lungs and the inability to take in much oxygen, Louise clung to a Youtube video that Archer had made for a school project the year before to hear his voice. Patient voices — not just their literal voices but their opinions and consent— are important to consider in the first place, regardless of their capacity or age as it relates to patient autonomy and trauma healing. In this Trauma Healing Learning, Louise gives listeners and medical providers an expanded view of informed consent. Join Louise as she considers the nuances of the patient voice in medical settings and what happens when a patient is unable to advocate for themselves — whether due to their medical condition or the circumstances of their care. Listen as she explores our capacity to rely on an energy field for guidance for difficult decision Making.

Our theme music is Victoria Vox. Music in this episode is:

Deep Relaxation Preview by Kevin MacLeod



Relaxing Meditation by Liron



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