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Trauma Healing Learning: Moving Towards the Pain

October 9, 2021


Pain is a sensation of the body.  It can be all encompassing. It physically and emotionally can overwhelm us, and often beyond the point of tolerating it. But we have the tools and resources inside ourselves to cope with pain and other unpleasant sensations. In Trauma Healing Learning 15: Moving Towards the Pain, Louise  helps us to understand the brain from past conflicts and injuries and breaks down the concept of somatic awareness.  She leads us in how to pay attention to our bodily sensations as a portal for pain reduction and trauma healing.  Listen to this Trauma Healing Learning if you’re in pain — emotional or physical — for a way to move gently towards it and through it. 

Victoria Vox created the theme music.

Music in this episode is: 

Deep Relaxation Preview by Kevin MacLeod



Relaxing Meditation by Liron



Calm Meditation by MusicLFiles



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