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Trauma Healing Learning: The (New) North Star

November 6, 2021

Copy_of_blink-1024x512-_26_8o2d3.jpgA north star isn’t just a goal: it’s a guide. A guide towards something greater than our current scenery, our current circumstances. In trauma, like other times in our lives, we can lose sight of our North Star. When that happens, we can try our best to be graceful and adaptable as we look for guidance and what is the right direction. In this Trauma Healing Learning, Louise shares her own knowledge (and other cultures’ knowledge) about the meaning behind the North Star. She calls on listeners to think about their own desires and begin the process towards reaching (or finding) or rediscovering their North Star.

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Deep Relaxation Preview by Kevin MacLeod



Relaxing Meditation by Liron



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